The San Angelo Colts, a team in the independent United League, play at Foster Field. This field was built in 2000 and seats 4,200. This is the second year of the United League and the Broncos. Tonight the Colts were playing the Alexandria Aces who won 8-7. The box score was Aces R-8, H-18, E-0 and Colts R-7, H-13, E-0. The field lines are RF-325', CF-405', LF-325'. The Colts paid tribute to the Negro Leagues tonight. The players on both teams wore Negro League Teams' uniforms. Before the games there were 12 players from primarily the South Texas Negro League signing autographs. Jim got many of their autographs on a Colt's baseball. One of the players is pointing to himself in his team picture. As a between inning activity they were all introduced on the field. If a Colts player hits a home run he collects donations from the fans which they hand through the screen. The first Colt's home run was nullified because the 1st base umpire said he did not touch first base. He had already collected his donations, which he kept, when the decision was made. The fans were not very happy with the 1st base umpire. Later he said the Aces 1st baseman touched 1st base making the third out before throwing home to try to catch the runner. A bad call as the 1st baseman was playing in and didn't back up to touch 1st before throwing home. The coach is shown giving the umpire his comments on this call and the umpire returning with his comments. A fan behind us said the coach doesn't argue with the umpires very often. This is the first field where we have seen 2 pitch speed indicators. The Colts starter's first 15 pitches were thrown for strikes. Casey is the mascot. A between inning activity has two participants rolling the big plastic balls in a figure 8 around traffic cones. It was a very close race tonight. Several season tickets fans in the area had hand clappers which they used when Colts players did something good. Attendance was 1,711. 2011 move to the North American League until 2012. 2013 back to United League. Did not play 2015.
Fort Concho Museum - the fort's early days and the development of the San Angelo area are depicted. There are 20 remaining buildings. Closed Monday. Fee

Zentner's Daughter Restaurant - the best steak we have ever had in the U. S. Be prepared for big portions.