The Princeton Devil Rays, an Appalachian Rookie League team of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, play at Hunnicutt Field, which was built in 1988. This is a nice field with some covered seating which is nice for any rainy games. The game was cancelled the night we had planned on attending because the field was not playable because of the rains the previous night. This was the same situation in Bluefield. The first game of the double header was scheduled for a 5:30pm start. We arrived for this game intending to head to Bluefield after the first game. The Rays were playing the Greenville Astros and won a shut-out 2-0. The box score was Astros R-0, H-4, E-1 and Rays R-2, H-5, E-0. The field lines are RF & LF-330' and CF-396'. This was a quick game ending in 2 1/2 hours, perfect for our plan of getting in two full games in one night. Two between inning activities are the Hamburger Helper Skillet Toss where one person tosses 3 bean bags backwards over their head and the other person tries to catch them in a 12" skillet. We have seen this activity in several of the Appalachian League stadiums. The second is a new activity, the Princeton Times Paper Porch Pitch. A boy tried to throw a Times newspaper on a simulated porch and get it to stay there. He was successful the third time. They give out lots of prizes based on a number that is in your program, the most of any location that we have ever seen. Change name to Printon Rays and Logo 2009
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