The Billings Mustangs are a Pioneer Rookie League team affiliated with Cincinnati. They play at Cobb Field which was built in 1948. The announcing booth is built into the roof. The temperature at game time was 104 degrees, which is why we found out the price of a cup of ice. Sitting on the third base side had us in the shade relatively soon. There is covered seating behind home plate. The field is also used by American Legion teams and Montana State University. The Mustangs were playing the Casper Rockies. It was a close game until the 7th inning when the Mustangs pulled ahead and won 7-2. The box score was Rockies R-2, H-6, E-1 and Mustangs R-7, H-10, E-0. The field lines are RF-325', RC-385', CF-405, LF-335'. The individual batter is Drew Stubbs, the first round draft pick of Cincinnati in 2006, who was playing center field tonight. The team store is crammed underneath the seating on the first base side. Only one between-inning activity, which the fans don't mind at all. We were told that there is a trail on top of the ridge in the background of the picture after the store and that people sometimes watch the game from it. We talked over our shoulders much of the game with the 3 guys in the picture, all long time fans of the Mustangs and regular attendees at the games. The one in the red shirt is an American Legion games umpire. They told us that the adjacent city swimming pool pumps are under the stadium and sometimes cause water to be in the dressing rooms. We won a food coupon in our program, so Jim gave it to one of them. Before the game we saw Rockies players across the street at the gas station getting drinks. There is very little parking at the park; most people were parking on the adjacent streets and business parking lots. They have been unable to pass a levy for a new stadium, but there is hope that this will happen in the near future. Several forest fires are in the area, one 40,000+ acre one east of Billings, so we saw the fire-fighting planes coming and going from the airport all during the game.
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