The Casper Rockies, a Rookie affiliate of Denver, play at Mike Lansing Field, which was built in 2002. This is a small stadium with seating in the first four rows and center section behind home plate. There is bleacher backed seating, lower half and no backs upper half in one large section on each baseline. On the first base side there is a section of the larger section for families. There is no covered seating area. The concession area is underneath the center section. The broadcast booths are at the top of the center section. We arrived in Casper with thunderstorms hitting areas around the town. The Rockies were playing the Idaho Falls Chukars. (A chukar is a bird similar to a quail.) During the 5th inning a rainstorm hit the field area. The umpires let the the inning finish and then called for the tarps. We were not totally surprised to see the team GM and Asst GM help with putting them out. At the lower levels of teams everyone gets in the act to help out. We were surprised to see that the tarps only covered the pitcher's mound and homeplace, but we can understand this as the finances aren't as great at the lower levels. Notice that the homeplate tarp is held down with folding chairs. Hey, anything that works is fine. When the rain delay was called the score was Rockies 6 - Chukars 3. After about 45 minutes the umpires let the game begin again, but with the rain still coming down. I was impressed with the field drainage, as there were no puddles showing at any time. The umpires could have called the game with a Rockies win, but they didn't and with the restart the Chukars came back to tie the game in the top of the 7th inning. Then the umpires called for another rain delay, that became a suspension. Hooray, the Rockies won when they finished the game the following day! We always root for the Home Team. The box score was Chukars R-6, H-9, E-3 and Rockies R-8, H-15, E-1. During the rain delay we huddled under our umbrella in the last row of seating in the center section. Because of the broadcast booth behind us we didn't get very wet. Hobart is the mascot. We met Kevin Haughian, owner, Danny Tetzlaff, GM, Aaron McCreight, Asst GM, and Josh Berndt, Dir. of Broadcasting. We would like to thank them for all the courtesies given. Aaron gave Jim a game used Pioneer League baseball for his collection. Josh talked with Jim about our road trip on the local ESPN radio affiliate before the restart of the game. Team moves to Grand Junction, CO in 2012 as Grand Junction Rockies with new logo.
Fort Casper Museum and Historic Site - includes reconstructions of an 1847 Mormon Trail ferry, an 1859 Guinard bridge, and an 1865 frontier Army fort., Museum exhibits recount the social and natural history of central Wyoming. Fee.

National Historic Trails Interpretive Center - Used larger-than-life interactive exhibits to relate experiences of the people passing here on the Oregon, California, Mormon and Pony Express Trails.Native American oral histories are stored here and the "creation stories" of the Arapahoe, Shoshone and Lakota Sioux nations are told in their own words at listing stations. Fee.

Nicolaysen Art Museum and Discovery Center - changing exhibits by national and regional artists. Free.