The Great Falls White Sox are a Pioneer Rookie League affiliate of the Chicago White Sox. The play at Centene Stadium at Legion Park. The original stadium was built in 1956 and received an upgrade down the third base line in 2003 with a new concession area, seats, new clubhouse, dugouts and bullpens. There will be other improvements made as time goes along. The White Sox were playing the Idaho Falls Chukars on a warm bright sunny afternoon and beat them 8-1. The box score was Chukars R-1, H-4, E-2 and White Sox R-8, H-12, E-0. The field lines are RF-335', RC-368', CF-?, LC-368', LF-?. The 1st picture shows the new building on the left and the older stadium on the right. The broadcast booth is built into the roof of the stadium. Shown is the underneath portion of the older stadium, shot from where the newer building starts. Boomer is the mascot. Only one between inning activity. Attendance was 1,860. When the Chicago White Sox won the World Series in 2005, they had one Championship ring made for each of its minor league affiliates. The GM, James Keough, brought it over and let Andrea wear it briefly. 2009--Changes Team Name to Voyagers with new logo.
C. M. Russell Museum - offers displays of watercolors, sculpture, oil paintings and illustrated cards and letters by cowboy artist Charles M. Russell. His studio can be seen. Fee.

Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail Interpretive Center - exhibits deal with the 1804-06 Lewis and Clark expedition, particularly that portion that took place in what is now Montana. Excellent museum. Fee.