The Idaho Falls Chukars are a Pioneer Rookie League affiliate of the Kansas City Royals. They play at brand new, 2007, Melaleuca Field seating 3,400. After the close of the 2006 season they tore down the old stadium and before the start of the 2007 season had a new facility which is very nice. The stadium is in a residential neighborhood with limited parking for the attendance. We arrived an hour before the game and found parking in the parking lot. When we left we saw people walking 5-6 blocks away to their cars parked on the street. Attendance was 2,767. The Chukars were playing the Missoula Osprey and won 10-1. The box score was Osprey R-1, H-4, E-7 and Chukars R-10, H-8, E-1. The field is long down the LF line at 350', nothing is indicated for RF or CF. The Chukar starting pitcher pitched for 8 innings which is unusual for Rookie League baseball. Jim got a couple of good pictures of the ball coming off of the bat. The mascot is Charlie. A family has posted a "Go Chukars" banner on their 2nd floor deck outside of right field. A mid-inning activity has a fan selecting a prize from one of the 3 Perkins Restaurant suitcases. Tonight she won an egg prepared the way she wanted it when she visited the local Perkins Restaurant, not the best prize.
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