The Missoula Osprey, a Pioneer Rookie League affiliate of Arizona, play at Allegiance Field at Ogren Park. This field is in the process of being built in 2004 and seats 3,500. At the present time there is a concrete concourse with some seating areas complete. The Osprey were playing the Orem Owlz winning 9-8. The box score was Owlz R-8, H-10, E-2 and Osprey R-9, H-13, E-4. Field lines are RF-287', CF-398', LF-309'. The game went into the 10th inning tied and we hoped it wouldn't go further as we had a long drive home the next day. The Osprey helped us out with a walk-off home run in the bottom of the 10th. What a way to end the 2006 Baseball Road Trip! Really short foul lines and a wind sock on the right field foul pole, maybe to help encourage those hitting to right field. The wind was blowing out to right and one home run landed on the adjacent train track above the right field wall. The plan is to complete the concourse level before the 2007 season. Right now the team dressing rooms are in trailers, the restrooms are in trailers, the concession stands are just that--stands, and the announcing booth is made of fiberboard. The plastic utility pipes are sticking up through the concrete floor of the concourse. They have not completed all of the seating areas. There are at least two sections down each baseline that do not have any seats or concrete to place them. The sign entering the parking area says the $2 fee is going for the new stadium and the sign on the ticket booth says $1 of your ticket cost is going for the new stadium. The daily schedule is mounted on the Osprey's trailer dressing room. Ollie the Osprey is the mascot. It appears that you can sit in centerfield for free. The area is accessible via a walking path in Missoula. In that area they have put in a telephone pole with an area where they hope an osprey will nest. They keep track of the strikeouts by putting up K's in the announcing booth. One between inning activity is having adults ride mini-bikes in a race. Attendance was 2,018 on another warm evening. This is the 50th year of baseball in Missoula. We saw another forest fire on the way to Missoula and tonight the same planes that we saw in Billings were dropping water on this fire.
Historical Museum at Fort Missoula - is the center of what was Fort Missoula, established in 1877 at the height of the conflict with the Nez Perce under Chief Joseph. Exhibits depict the roles of the timber industry, the fort, and early settlement in Missoula County. Free.

Smokejumper Base Aerial Fire Depot - displays relating to the history of U.S. Forest Service firefighting. Donations.