The Orem Owlz, a Rookie affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels, play at the Home of the Owlz Stadium located on the campus of Utah Valley State College. The stadium, seating 4,500, opened in 2005 and we were there at the season opener. The team moved from Provo during the offseason. They were the league champions in 2004 and part of the opening ceremony was unfurling the Championship Banner. This is a nice small stadium with seats throughout. A roof covers the concession area behind the seats and the back rows. There is a large grass berm down the third base line that extends around almost to center field. The broadcast booths are behind the seating at the concession level. You have a great view of the Wasatch Mountains from both sides of the stadium.The scoreboard has the latest video screen possible which is exceptionally clear. The Owlz were playing the Ogden Raptors and lost in a shut-out 7-0. The box score was Raptors R-7, H-11, E-0 and Owlz R-0, H-3, E-0. Being at the lowest level and winning the championship allowed most of last year's players a chance to move to higher levels. There were only three returning players from 2004. The field lines are RF-312', RC-388', CF-408', LC-427', and LF-305'. Before the beginning of the game the team members were brought to the dugout riding on the back of motorcycles driven by members of a local motorcycle group. The mascot is Hootz. He lost the race to homeplate to the boy who was racing him. There is no regular beer sold. They do have Apple Beer which is touted as The Soft Drink with a Head. It was invented in Utah County in 1964. Parking was $2, but you could turn the stub in for $2 off any concession stand item. The ticket windows and entrance to the stadium are on the third base line end of the stadium.
Orem is located immediately North of Provo. In Provo is Brigham Young University and several museums.