2002 Trip Report
In 2002 we were on the road for 56 days. We traveled 11,284 miles with an engine running time of 240 hours 26 minutes for an average speed of 46.9 miles per hour. This included city driving, highway driving, and waiting for construction. Our 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan averaged 22 miles per gallon for the whole trip and 23 miles per gallon for the trip to Canada.

We visited 36 ball parks, 35 during the trip and saw games in 35 of them. We saw the Mariners at SAFECO before we left and Calgary was rained out. We saw a total of 38 games. We had a record of 25 wins by the home team and 10 losses for a winning percentage of .714. We helped Yakima break a 22 game losing streak.

Please pardon the pun, but "We had a ball!" We are both still speaking to each other and will continue on with our journey next year. It was great having so much time together. What was the highlight? The WHOLE TRIP! We enjoyed visiting the ballparks and talking with the local people sitting around us. We learned special things about each park and the towns and cities they are located in. Driving from one ballpark to another through our country and seeing the sights and scenery was inspiring. What a great country we have!

We can't wait for next Spring when we will start at Spring Training in Arizona and then continue to Spring Training in Florida before starting the regular season East of the Rockies. See you next year!!