2006 Trip Report
In 2006 we were on the road for 72 days. We traveled 11,594 miles with an engine running time of 231 hours for an average speed of 50.1 miles per hour. This included city driving, a lot of highway driving, and waiting for minimal road construction. Our 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan averaged 24.5 miles per gallon for the whole trip.

We started out in early May and visited with family until Memorial Day week-end when we headed for Washington, D.C. for four days. On May 26th we started baseball with a game in Washington, D.C. Starting June 1st we saw 25 parks in the next 30 days. We saw one game in Iowa in July with family and then headed home seeing five games on the way. We visited the Appalachian and Pioneer Rookie Leagues and saw games in the Atlantic, Canadian-American, and American Association Independent Leagues.

Along the way we met up with Cass Sapir who was touring all Rookie through Major League baseball fields as part of his Tour for the Cure. He was written up in the New York Times and Jim was quoted in the article. Link here to read the article about Cass.