2007 Trip Report
This year we saw a total of 14 games, 9 wins and 5 losses, in 13 ballparks. 12 ballparks were new this year. We drove 8343 miles from Lynnwood to Muscatine, IA then south to Laredo, TX and Corpus Christi, TX before returning via Mount Rushmore, SD, Yellowstone National Park, WY, Idaho Falls, ID and home to Lynnwood. In the new 2007 Dodge Caravan we averaged about 23.9 miles per gallon. Engine running time was 158.47 hours for an average of 52.65 mph.

We were on the road for six weeks this year starting in early June and returning in mid-July, with three weeks of visiting family. We saw games in the following leagues: Texas (affiliated), Pioneer (affiliated), Frontier (independent), United (independent), and American (independent).

The 2002 Caravan was retired after 124,300+ miles in January.