2019 Trip Report
In June I flew to Atlanta and then made a loop through the southeastern part of the U. S. from Atlanta to Biloxi, MS, Pensacola, FL, Pearl, MS, Birmingham, AL, Columbia, SC, North Augusta, SC, and back to Atlanta. This trip was 1764 miles of driving over 8 days. Next, I flew to Washington, DC, drove to State College, PA, and back to Baltimore with 492 miles of driving.

The second trip was to visit Stockton, CA, Sonoma, CA, San Rafael, CA, Napa, CA, and Vallejo, CA. For the last 4 locations Andrea and I stayed in Fairfield, CA. This trip was 512 miles of driving. If you go to visit all four of the Pacific Association teams I highly recommend that you stay in Fairfield. This way you will be driving against the just barely moving traffic going home to the east in the late afternoon and early evening. We had no problems going back to Fairfield after the games.

The third trip in October was to the Phoenix, AZ area to see Arizona Fall League games.