2023 Trip Report
With this year's additions we have been to 342 different baseball parks since June 2002.

In June we visited 4 teams in the Milwaukie and Chicago areas. Three were independent league teams and one was to a new stadium for an affiliated minor league team.

The end of July and the first of August, Jim traveled to the East Coast and saw teams in Nashville, TN and Madison, AL-both new stadiums. On to North Carolina for five teams, one affiliated-Kannapolis (new stadium), one affiliated-Fayetteville (new location), one affiliated-Durham (repeat), and two independent leagues-High Point and Gastonia. He took a side trip to Charleston WV for a new stadium. Leaving North Carolina he headed north to Fredericksburg, VA for a new stadium. Next to Lancaster, PA, a repeat location making for a shorter drive to New York City. He picked up Andrea at JFK and they travelled to Paterson, NJ for a new independent league stadium. Then to Hartford, CN for a new affiliated team and stadium. Back to Cooperstown, NY for the Baseball Hall of Fame. Many changes at the museum since we first visited in 2003. Next to Worcester, MA for an affiliated team new stadium. This trip covered over 2,750 miles.

Forward to the end of August when we both visited two new affiliated locations in Nevada-Reno and Las Vegas.

2023 is probably the end of our Baseball road Trip. At this point we have only 16 locations that we could visit, according to 2023 teams and locations. They are scattered so far apart that getting to them cannot be done in a single trip.

This has been a journey that has let us see all of the United States, except Hawaii--no teams, and parts of Canada. A journey to small towns and large cities. A chance to talk with many baseball fans about baseball. A chance to see baseball players on the way up and during rehab assignments. A journey that we would recommend to anyone who loves baseball, maybe not as many as we have done. But as many as you desire to visit.