The Seattle Mariners entered Postseason play for the first time in 21 years. They took the initial wild-card series against the Toronto Blue Jays. Then the team went to Houston for the American League Division Series. The Mariners lost the first two games to the Houston Astros. On Saturday they came home to T-Mobile park for the third game. 47,690 strong Mariners fans packed T-Mobile. Eighteen innings and six hours and 22 minutes later they went home as the Mariners lost 0-1 against Houston.

We left our house at 9am and returned at 9pm. What a day.

Earlier in the week we had been selected to hold the giant flag on the field for the National Anthem. On Thursday we went to T-Mobile to practice taking the flag on and off the field with 49 other season ticket holders. Jim was asked by local TV station Fox13 to do an interview. Below are two links for the interview, that also shows part of the practice. Jim held the bottom left corner of the flag and Andrea was immeidately to his right.

Row 1 pictures: 1. Standing in the Home Plate lobby before going to practice, 2. Jim being interviewed, 3. Standing in the tunnel under T-Mobile before going on the field, 4.Walking out on the field, 5. Waiting to unfurl the flag. Row 2 pictures: 1. Flag unfurled, 2. Flag unfurled, 3. Flag unfurled--Jim in tan pans and Andrea to right, 4. Taking the flag off the field.

It was an honor to be part of the opening ceremony and this game. This was an experience we will remember with all of the fans cheering for the Ms as we walked off.

The two links I have: I hope they will stay up.