For this game and the following day we visited the Mavericks League and the four associated teams that play in the Keizer, Oregon stadium. Prior to the reorganization forced on Minor League Baseball by Major League Baseball in 2021 the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes played at this stadium. The Volcanoes played in the Northwest League. The San Francisco Giants affiliation with the Volcanoes was moved to Eugene, Oregon in 2021 leaving the stadium without a major league affiliation. The Walker family who ran the Volcanoes decided to continue by organizing the Mavericks League with four teams: Keizer Volcanoes, Salem Senators, Portland Mavericks, and Campesinos de Salem Keizer. All four teams play in the Keizer Stadium with games on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The Walker family has been involved with baseball for many years. They ran the Mariners and then the Giants minor league teams in Bellingham, WA. The Walkers moved to Salem with the Giants affiliated team. Our connection is that we are baseball friends with Jennifer (Walker) Knudson, daughter of Ivan Walker (see next game photos) and aunt of Mickey Walker, CEO of the Mavericks League. Jennifer and husband Gary are shown in the picture with Andrea.

The Campesinos, home team, were playing the Salem Volcanos. The Volcanos won 4-3. The box score was Volcanos R-4, H-11, E-2 and Campesinos R-3, H-7, E-1. The field lines are RF-325', CF-405', LC-350', LF-325'. The stadium has 4,254 seats with a total of 6,000 including the berm areas. The temperature was 97 degrees at the 6:35 start and it stayed warm through the game with very little breeze. We received free admission and an invite to the owners upper box outdoor suite behind home plate because of our friendship with Jennifer. There are 13 suites of various size. Attendance was between 100 and 200 fans. According to Jennifer the umpires had done the last five games. It appeared that the umpires were checking the Volcanoes' pitcher for some reason. They were checking his belt buckle. Nice logos display on the left outfield fence and the back of the suites area. Military recognition was provided at the back of the concourse. Statues of boys playing baseball. Campesinos mascot supported the team in the dugout and then around the field. Second picture shows all of the mascots. Mid-inning activity--two guys in big bouncy balls trying to knock each other over. Jim would like to thank Mickey Walker for the game used league ball. Jim now has 38 baseballs from different leagues.