Our second game of the Mavericks League saw the Salem Senators playing the Portland Mavericks. The home team Senators were victorious with a 9-2 score over the Mavericks. The box score was Mavericks: R-2, H-5, E-3 and Senators: R-9, H-9, E-2. The temperature was 97 degrees at the start of the game at 5pm. but ultimately it was cooler today as there was a breeze for most of the game. There was a new umpiring crew today. Attendance was less than 100. We purchased our tickets, went inside, and both of us has excellent chicken sandwiches. We had been invited to sit in the the same upper box where we had sat last night. We had the box completely to ourselves. Thank you Mickey. I found two plaques that I hadn't seen the first night. Ivan Walker is the family father of this baseball family. It will be interesting to see what is in the Total Eclipse Time Capsule when it is opened in 2169. Nice statues at the entry of three boys playing baseball.