2004 Trip Report
In 2004 we were on the road for 70 days. We traveled 15,446 miles with an engine running time of 285 hours for an average speed of 54.2 miles per hour. This included city driving, a lot of highway driving, and waiting for minimal road construction. Our 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan averaged 23.5 miles per gallon for the whole trip. We drove 55,604 miles and spent just over $27,000 for the three year trip.

We started out in late April with our first game in Albuquerque, NM on May 1st. The last field was visited in Davenport, IA on June 30th. Because we had started in Everett, WA with the Aquasox we attended a game there on July 13 to complete the circle. We visited 33 ball parks, 27 were new visits for us, 3 were return visits, and 3 were independent league visits. We had a record of 17 wins by the home team and 16 losses for a winning percentage of .515. We didn't have any rainouts this year and the longest rain delay was 1 hour and 48 min in Memphis, TN. At the end of 9 innings the game was tied 4 to 4 after the Memphis Redbirds tied the game in the bottom of the 8th inning. The tie continued when in the middle of the 11th inning it started to pour. After the rain delay the game began again and in the top of the 13th inning the Tacoma Rainiers scored the winning run.

This year we visited middle America traveling through Texas and north through the Mid-West seeing the final part of our country on this trip. Again we saw many beautiful areas and talked with many wonderful baseball fans.

On our return home we were featured on a Seattle Times front page article about our trip. It was quite a thrill to undo the paper and see our picture, front and center, Reporter--Diane Brooks, Photographer--Greg Gilbert. Link here to the Seattle Times article. This lead to 2 local TV interviews-KOMO-pictures below and KCPQ, ESPN Sportscenter used the KOMO TV tape, 2 local radio interviews-KOMO and KIRO-pictures below, and radio interviews across the US and Canadian Public Radio. Canadian Public Radio--Kathleen Petty; Spokane, WA-KXLY-ESPN--Dennis Patchin; KFAN-Minneapolis, MN; Toledo, OH-WCWA--Denny Schaffer; Miami, FL-WBGG--Paul & Young Ron; St. Louis, MO-KTRS--Paul Harris; Orlando & South Florida-WFFL-Frank Forte, Carl Foster, Anita Marks; Houston, TX-KRLD--morning DJ; Syracuse, NY-TK105--Logan; Champaign, IL-WIXY--Steve Holstein; Syracuse, NY and Oswego, NY-WTKW & WTKV--Good Guys Morning Show; Lansing, MI-WQBZ--Dwyer & Michaels; Rochester, MN-KROC--Rich Peterson & Steve Skogin; Everett, WA-KRKO-ESPN--Jeff Aaron "The Fish" Advertisement board at Everett Aquasox is shown below; Detroit, MI area direct call that I didn't catch station call letters. What fun! Then we received many e-mails from baseball fans across the country commenting about the trip and the website, some had even seen their pictures in one of the pictures that I had taken along the way. Because we finished the complete trip at the Everett Aquasox where we started, we were honored by being able to each throw out the first pitch. The Enterprise Newspaper, a local neighborhood paper, featured us and our visit to the Aquasox, Reporter--Charlie Laughtland, Photographer--Chris Goodenow. Then The Herald News in Everett, WA, owner of the Enterprise, carried the article.

The ultimate reward for the trip was receiving the Mariners Fan of the Year Award on October 4th at Fan Appreciation Night. Link here to that page.

What is next? Beginning this year through 2006 is the Bicentennial of the Lewis & Clark exploration of the Louisiana Purchase and journey to the Pacific Ocean. In 1995 we followed the Oregon Trail route, so we thought we should follow the Lewis and Clark route in 2005. Of course there are baseball fields along the way, Pioneer Rookie League (Major League affiliated baseball) and the Northern League and Frontier League (Independent League baseball), so we will see some more baseball. Check back next summer to see where we are and what we are seeing.

Picture below: Row 1 we are throwing out first pitch at Everett Aquasox. Player is Mariner catcher Migel Olivo who was on a rehab assignment with Aquasox that night. Row 2 has pictures of the KOMO TV interviewer, Frank Chiappone and cameraman, Matt Stannard; and the KIRO Radio interviewer, Tim Haech.